Partner Organizations

We work with several other organizations in the area on a wide variety of activities including business support, economic development, local events, and community education. Check out some of the great work they’re doing and see how they might be able to help you or your business.

Southern Hilltown Adult Education Center (SHAEC)—a community resource for adult learners, where the individual’s education and career goals are supported in a learner-led environment

Hilltown CDC—a local community development corporation operating out of Chesterfield that provides a broad spectrum of housing, education, and social services

Hilltown Collaborative—a group of active citizens across the Gateway Hilltowns (Chester, Huntington, Blandford, Russell, Middlefield, and Montgomery) working on economic development opportunities and fostering sustainable regional management. Contact Jeanne LeClair, Economic Development Director, (413) 636-3476,