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Betts Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc

Bridge Store Packy & Convenience

Chester Common Table

Cornerstone Handiwork

Country Journal

Gateway Farm & Pet

High Hopes Farm Sugarhouse

Hilltown Artisans Guild

Hilltown Community Ambulance Service

J&R Service

Maple Corner Farm

NJC Mechanical Plumbing and Heating

PAPPS Bar & Grille

River Cafe & Bakery

Voices of the Angels

Western MA Hilltown Hikers

If you live in the hilltowns of western MA, your business is here, or you wish to do business here, you should join us!

JLBA Networking Events

When you attend any JLBA meeting or Networking Event, you will be able to join that evening if you are not already a member. Most, if not all, JLBA events are FREE to JLBA paid members.

See the Events page to view the 2017 calendar for the next couple of months. All members are invited to attend all events and meetings! Additional information and events will be added as the plans are finalized and become available.

Visit the Programs page which showcases Programs and Events provided by our member businesses. Some programs will be open to all businesses, and many will be open to the public. If you are a paid JLBA member and would like your program or event posted, please contact Linda Hamlin. If you are a JLBA website visitor, please visit both the Events and Programs pages regularly to find out what's happening!

2017 JLBA Map!

Watch for the upcoming 2017 JLBA 18" x 24" Map! Named "Hilltown Destinations", it will list trailheads and events as well as businesses. For further information, see the Events page!

The reprint of the 2016 JLBA Brochure is available now. Download it here (2.6 MB). The inside (2.5 MB) of the 2015 brochure may be downloaded here, and the outside (1.5 MB) may be downloaded here.

JLBA Business Scholarship and more!

Check out the winners of the 2011 through 2014 JLBA Business Scholarships, and the 2013 Membership Contest information here. 2017 Dues are $50 for the calendar year - Join now!

Who we are

A JLBA meeting in progress

The JLBA is a group of people with a goal of facilitating business opportunities in the hilltowns, while recognizing and preserving the natural beauty, neighborliness, and resources of the area.

The JLBA works hard to promote the "Buy Local" concept. We also strive to build a support network for the diverse businesses that currently exist and promote attitudes that will encourage new business.

Why a Business Association?

Just as the hilltowns are recognized for recreational opportunities, they are equally known for their diverse and far-flung stores, restaurants and cottage businesses. The low population density which gives our area its rural charm is a marketing challenge in conventional terms.

As business people in the hilltowns, the members of the JLBA are well acquainted with the problems of reaching a market in our area. Our strength lies in our diversity. By maintaining an open line of communication among our membership, we make available the combined business experiences of dozens of business people faced with the same obstacles. Tapping into this network offers the solutions, sometimes mundane, sometimes wildly creative, to these common marketing problems.

The JLBA gives its membership more political clout. By speaking with a unified voice, we have an opportunity to shed more light on the needs of our area with our political representatives.

What we do

Each year, the JLBA hosts networking events which are often open to any member of the business community, and free to JLBA members. These events are opportunities to visit with old acquaintances and make new ones. We share ideas, news and resources.

The JLBA is again sponsoring the "Stop! Think! Shop Locally and Win!" contest, which encourages residents and non-residents alike to do business in the hilltowns and beyond to support JLBA members. This support is in the form of offering gift certificates for use at JLBA member businesses as prizes. Please see the specifics of the "Stop! Think! Shop Locally and Win!" contest here.

Other initiatives the JLBA has sponsored include welcome bags for new homeowners, fundraisers for the JLBA Scholarship Fund, the local Food Pantry and the Shriners Hospital, a free bike helmet program for local children, and an award-winning tourism brochure and outreach program.

Is the JLBA for you?

Maybe you think your business is too small or maybe it's only part-time. Perhaps it's not located in one of the seven Gateway towns. Maybe you already belong to one of the local Chambers of Commerce. If you live or do business in the hilltowns, whether full or part-time, or if you are concerned about the economic well-being of the hilltown community, the JLBA has something to offer you.

For your annual dues of $50, you get exposure on the JLBA website, access to free or discounted advertising, networking opportunities with other small businesses, and much, much more.

These are just a few of the many benefits you will realize with your membership in The Jacob's Ladder Business Association.

Advantages of Membership

Your $50. membership in the Jacob's Ladder Business Association brings you these important benefits:

  • Listing on the JLBA website
  • Networking opportunities
  • Diverse membership base
  • Unified political voice
  • Community service opportunities
  • Commercial benefits
  • Free or discounted advertising and marketing opportunities

Join today!

To join the JLBA, please download the 2017 Membership Form, fill it out, and send it with a check for the $50. annual dues to:

PO Box 19
Huntington MA 01050-0019

We look forward to hearing from you! If you need the free Adobe Reader, please download it at: get.adobe.com/reader