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If you live in the hilltowns of western MA, your business is here, or you wish to do business here, you should join us!

Buy Local

JLBA 2016 Shop Local and Win Contest

The 2016 JLBA "Stop! Think! Shop Locally and Win!" Contest began May 15, 2016 to encourage the purchasing public to buy from their local JLBA members throughout the Hilltowns and beyond. Download the entry form here. The details of the contest drawing are below.

Option 1:

Start saving all of your original receipts from JLBA member businesses from May 15, 2016 to October 1, 2016. Download the entry form here, fill it out and staple to your receipts before submitting. You could win a $100 gift certificate, or a $50 gift certificate, redeemable at any 2016 JLBA member business!

If you would like your original receipts returned to you, please supply a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with your receipts.

Mail your entry form and receipts to: JLBA, PO Box 19, Huntington, MA 01050 (received by 10/1/16) or deposit them at the JLBA booth at the Hilltown Fall Festival by 2 pm October 1st or 2nd.

All receipts from any 2016 JLBA members between 5/15/16 and 10/1/16 are eligible, no matter how small, or how large.

OR Easy Peasy Option 2:

Spend at least $20 with a JLBA business and collect a ticket from that business.

Send tickets from 5 different businesses to:

JLBA, PO Box 19, Huntington, MA 01050 (received by10/1/16) or deposit them at the JLBA booth at the Hilltown Fall Festival by 2 pm October 1st or 2nd.

Winner of a $100 gift certificate valid at any JLBA business of your choice will be drawn Sunday, October 2nd at The Hilltown Fall Festival.

OR Easy Peasy Option 3 for the digitally-inclined:

Post a photo of your purchases on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, get the most posts/likes/shares through Sunday, October 2nd, and win a $50 gift certificate valid at any JLBA business of your choice. Use #JLBAbuylocal#(business name printed on the ticket).

To qualify, you need to shop at a minimum of 5 JLBA member businesses, get a receipt or coupon from each, and you need to spend a minimum of $100 total at the businesses. (For example, you could buy groceries or farm and pet supplies, buy some plumbing supplies, or a home, or a car, or firewood, get some auto repairs, electrical, plumbing, or heating system work done, get a new website, have a meal or three, go to the doctor, dentist, or optometrist, get a gift certificate for your Christmas tree, or upholstery or window treatments, buy some oil, or antiques, get your furnace cleaned, or take your pet to the vet. If your shopping trips total $100 or more, you're ready to submit your receipts and entry form!)

Please look through the 2016 JLBA brochure and the list of members on the "members" page of this website to plan your shopping forays. There are many more options from solar supplies to quilted window shades and everything in between.
Have fun!

For Option 1, download and fill out a copy of the submission form here. You may drop off your form and receipts at the JLBA booth at the 2016 Hilltown Fall Festival October 1st or 2nd by 2 pm, or if you are unable to attend either day, you may mail your entry in to JLBA, PO Box 19, Huntington, MA 01050. Mailed entries must be received by October 1, 2016. Entries submitted at the JLBA booth at the Hilltown Fall Festival may have receipts collected until October 1, but your entry must be submitted by 2 pm October 2.

Remember, if you would like your receipts returned, please supply a SASE with your receipts.

If there are sufficient entries, there will be one $50 gift certificate winner for the digital option and one $100 gift certificate winner for options 1 and 2. You may only win one prize.
Void where prohibited by law.

JLBA Brochure Submission Criteria Specifications

  • 2016 JLBA dues must be paid and all materials received before August 19 for inclusion in this revised reprint of the brochure.
  • Submit digital photo or logo that is a minimum of 1,000-1,200 pixels on one side. An image that will look good in a square format is preferred.
  • Submit 3 lines of contact information (4 lines absolute maximum!) which should include your Business Name and Website, or Email, or Address or Phone Number (Most folks use their Business Name, Phone Number, and Website).
  • Submit a tagline (slogan or short descriptor of your business) in a MAXIMUM of 70 characters, including spaces or punctuation.

  • All materials must be submitted PRIOR to the August 19 deadline. That's it! If you have any questions, please contact Linda or Steve Hamlin at 413-667-3346, and we will be glad to help.

    Shopping locally owned businesses makes sense!

    According to a study commissioned by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, up to 68% of money spent in locally-owned businesses stays in the local community. By contrast, only about 43% of money spent in non-locally-owned businesses (chain stores, big-box stores, etc.) stays in the local community.

    When you shop locally-owned businesses, besides saving gas and getting the goods you need, you're contributing to the local economy in the following ways:

    • Taxes paid by the business support schools and local services
    • Job opportunities are created for local residents
    • Wages paid by the business go mostly to local residents
    • Locally-owned businesses are more likely to buy supplies from other locally-owned businesses
    • Locally-owned businesses are more likely to use other local businesses for business-related services, expanding the influence of your dollars

    You're also helping to insure that products and services will continue to be available locally.

    When you shop at non-locally owned businesses, a larger portion of your shopping dollars 'leaks out' of the local economy:

    • Corporate management salaries are non-local
    • Most services are out-sourced to non-local businesses
    • Most supplies are purchased from remote sources by the parent corporation

    Shopping locally saves time and gas, and it helps pay for our schools, roads, police and fire departments. Please shop Hilltown businesses. It's good for all of us!