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Betts Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc

Bridge Store Packy & Convenience

Chester Common Table

Cornerstone Handiwork

Country Journal

Gateway Farm & Pet

High Hopes Farm Sugarhouse

Hilltown Artisans Guild

Hilltown Community Ambulance Service

J&R Service

Maple Corner Farm

NJC Mechanical Plumbing and Heating

PAPPS Bar & Grille

River Cafe & Bakery

Voices of the Angels

Western MA Hilltown Hikers

If you live in the hilltowns of western MA, your business is here, or you wish to do business here, you should join us!

JLBA Gateway Scholarship

Each year, JLBA awards a College Scholarship to a Gateway Regional High School Senior who will either be attending an accredited  Business School, or majoring in Business at an accredited College in the United States.

In 2015, there was not sufficient funding for the scholarship, so it was
not offered. We are hoping it will again be available in 2016.

The winner of the 2014 Gateway Scholarship was Casey McKittrick of Huntington.  She was awarded a $250. scholarship as her first college semester transcript showed she has successfully maintained a GPA of 3.0 or better.  

In 2013, there were no qualified applicants for the scholarship.

The winner of the 2012 Gateway Scholarship was Emily L. Lessard of Russell.  She was awarded a $250. scholarship after her first college semester for maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or better.  

The 2011 scholarship winners were Monica Tobin Guzik, and Tyler R. Pease, both of Huntington. They will each receive a $250. college scholarship after their first college semester, as long as their GPA at the end of the semester is 3.0 or better.


JLBA Membership Drive Contest

As many of you know, we have been conducting the annual Membership Drive since October 2010, which was completed with a drawing for a $100. gift certificate purchased by JLBA from a member business.

To recap. 2010-2013 members who signed up a NEW member (any business which hadn't been a JLBA member for 5 years) got a free membership for the following year.

Each additional new member, who was signed up by a current member, earned an entry for the current member in a drawing held at that year's November Snack 'n' Schmooze networking event.

Each new member who joined earned an entry in the drawing.

It appears that the membership drive has been successful in motivating some members to spread the word, as membership numbers have been slowly climbing, and are currently a healthy baseline number. As a result, the vote at the December 2013 meeting was to suspend the membership contest, and expect the motivated membership to continue to bring membership numbers up.

Don Fraser of CardPay, one of our new members, was the 2013 final recipient of the membership contest award. Don selected a gift certificate to Four Main Street Bar & Grill, and then very generously donated it to JLBA for use at a future event. This $100 was used to defray expenses of our 2014 annual Snack 'n' Snmooze networking event, which allowed us to have a balanced budget for 2014. Thank you very much, Don! And thanks to everyone who participated and worked to lift our membership numbers over the past several years! Keep up the good work!